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Expert EV Charging Station Installation

Electric vehicles are becoming more common in all walks of life. From the average driver who is fed up with high gas prices to the school district that just converted to electric busses, they have one big thing in common. An EV charging station is needed for each vehicle.

If you just purchased a Tesla, Prius, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt, or you’re looking to get one of the new Ford-150 Lightning electric pickups, you need expert EV charging station installation. This is not a DIY job. You need to work with a licensed electrician experienced in this type of installation. The most common location is to install an EV wall charger in your garage. Installation pricing will depend on your existing wiring and electrical system, as well as your EV charging hardware.

We highly recommend installing the Level 2 EV Charger, as it charges many times faster than a Level 1 EV charger that plugs into a standard 3-prong 120v outlet. The Level 2 charger uses a dedicated 240v outlet (like your clothes dryer uses) and can fully charge your battery in 6.5 hours, compared to 36 hours for the Level 1 charger.

Commercial EV Charging Station Installation

We also install commercial EV chargers for grocery stores, public parking buildings, transit stations, shopping centers, apartment complexes, hotels, and other locations.  

Public EV chargers, sometimes known as superchargers, are much more powerful than home chargers. They bypass the onboard charger of the EV, providing up to 120kW of direct current (DC) power to the battery. Providing this much power requires dedicated transformers and utility connections, making this installation a bit more complicated than a residential application.

Get Help Paying for Your EV Charging Station Installation

Did you know? The State of Maryland and several of the utility companies serving our area have sizeable rebates and grant money available to help homeowners and businesses pay for EV charging station installation, and then continue to get benefits after the fact.

In addition, if you’re a business owner, school district, or government agency with a fleet of vehicles, you can also get federal grant money for the purchase of new Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs). Individuals may apply for a tax credit after purchasing an EV.

You can lean more through the U.S. Department of Energy Alternative Fuels Data Center.

Get a Quote for Your EV Charging Station(s) Installation 

If you need one or more EV chargers installed at your home or business, we can help. We are experienced EV charging station contractors ready to install one EV charger or a bank of them. We serve homeowners and commercial clients in Harford County, Cecil County, and Baltimore County. Call 443-643-7550 to schedule an estimate. An on-site visit will be required.

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